Thank You to 'We Welcome You' for the Support

We would like to thank ‘We Welcome You’, not only for their generous donation to the Habeas Corpus Project yesterday, but also for their outstanding work over the past few years.

‘We Welcome You’ is a project to raise money and awareness in support of migrants and refugees in the UK. Having volunteered for various migrants rights organisations in London, Tamsin and Totes were concerned by the hostile rhetoric emerging amidst the so called ‘refugee crisis’ of 2015. The two friends made a handful of bags and and a little zine filled with ideas of how to support migrants locally, and facts about immigration in the UK. The money that they raised through selling these has been put into organisations that support migrants and refugees. They also hope that by using and wearing these bags, ‘We Welcome You’ supporters will form the basis of a visible network of people who are proud to support migration to the UK.

We encourage our readers to help support ‘We Welcome You’ by visiting their website and buying one of their bags and/or zines over here.


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