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The following are answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you wish to know more about us please email us at [email protected]

 About the Habeas Corpus Project

The Habeas Corpus Project was founded in July 2014

The Habeas Corpus Project was founded to provide pro-bono (free) representation to individuals who have been unlawfully detained. Further information can be found on our ‘About Us’ page.

 Habeas Corpus is Latin for ‘you may have the body’, it’s legal meaning relates to bringing detained individuals before a court of law. A full explanation can be found on our ‘Habeas Corpus’ page 

The Habeas Corpus project was founded by Ousman Noor. You can find out more on our ‘Who We Are’ page.

Upon foundation, the organisation was funded by Ousman Noor. The HCP’s future will depend on the support and involvement of volunteers and contributors who share the aspirations of the organisation.  

 Our Cases

Ousman Noor, Director of the Habeas Corpus Project, is a practising barrister authorised by the Bar Standards Board to conduct litigation on a direct-access basis. Ousman is able to issue proceedings, conduct litigation and advocate before every court in England and Wales. 

 We assess each individual on their suitability for pro-bono legal representation. This assessment is based on the particular facts of each persons case. In order to assess eligibility we require you to fill in a ‘Client Eligibility Form’

 ‘Pro-bono’ means ‘for the public good’. This means that the Habeas Corpus Project represents eligible individuals for free in claims for unlawful detention

 We focus on issuing proceedings for Judicial Review in the High Court of Justice.


The Habeas Corpus Project aims to training solicitors, barristers, OISC advisors, students and other interested parties on the law and procedure of unlawful detention. 

 We aim to provide a combination of online toolkits and resources in addition to live seminars at venue’s in London, UK

We will publish our training events on the ‘Training’ section of our website. Detailed of booking will be found on the page relating to the particular event.


The Habeas Corpus Project works with academics, legal practitioners and relevant organisations to help publish and disseminate key facts, statistics, research and reports relating to unlawful detention in the UK  

The author of each publication will be made clear on each publication itself. The Habeas Corpus Project takes no credit for these publications and will only publish the work with the consent of the copyright holder

We look forward to receiving your work. To submit your work for publication on our website please email [email protected]