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Since the Habeas Corpus Project launched in 2014, we have assisted over a hundred vulnerable people in challenging unlawful detention. The severe cuts to legal aid mean that many people cannot afford access to justice. We provide pro-bono legal representation for these who are being held illegally in UK Detention Centres.

The following services we provide at no cost:

  • Collation of documents
  • Case preparation
  • Advice on merits
  • Liaising with probation workers and Chief Immigration Officers
  • Writing temporary release requests
  • Drafting grounds for judicial review
  • Issuing applications for judicial review
  • Court room advocacy
  • All of the work that we’ve done

We have enjoyed several successes already and are working hard to secure the freedom of many others. However, in this time of scarce resources and greater pressures on the third sector, funding our work is becoming increasingly challenging. We incur costs of covering our rent, postage, fax, internet, printer, stationary, and hiring interns. The project is supervised and litigated by our Director, a practicing barrister who worked without remuneration for our first year.

Without your support the Habeas Corpus Project will be unable to continue protecting the rights of these vulnerable people .

Please help us by making a donation today. Thank you.