Another Victory for Habeas Corpus Project : Coptic Chistianity Case Proceeds

The Habeas Corpus Project represented EY at Field House, Upper Tribunal, London today for an oral reconsideration hearing for judicial review. EY claimed asylum in the UK on the basis of being a Coptic Christian from Egypt, where persecution of this minority has persisted since the 2011 revolution. Despite being the victim of a stabbing and fractured skull, he has been detained in the infamous Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre, Oxfordshire for several months.

EY’s application had been dismissed by the Home Office and successive appeals had failed. The application for Judicial Review had also been refused by a previous judge and EY was due to be removed next week. A victory at this stage was therefore crucial for preventing removal and progressing his case.

The case was a complex one, with skilful orators making a case for both sides. However, the judge determined in favour of EY, agreeing with arguments made by Barrister Ousman Noor of the Habeas Corpus Project that EY should be granted permission to proceed to a full hearing. The Habeas Corpus Project is very pleased to have secured a victory at this stage and will now concentrate efforts on getting EY out of detention as soon as possible.

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