Training for Asylum Welcome - Voice Recording Available

The Habeas Corpus Project provided training on challenging unlawful detention for Asylum Welcome, Oxford on 13th July 2016. Here is a voice recording of the event:

We were delighted to receive excellent feedback (for both the Habeas Corpus Project and Asylum Welcome) from the participants including the following comments:

1) “Dear team,

I just wanted to say how much I benefited from, and enjoyed, last week’s training event!

Thank you for organising such an interesting and useful event. Organisation was spot on, and a good turn out too!

Ousman was so generous with his time, and the way in which he clearly structured, explained, and clarified the areas which he spoke about, were immensely helpful – especially to someone who has just started working in the office. His use of a power point was particularly helpful, and his way of communicating with the everyone in the audience meant that everyone stayed engaged and focused, and I think, really got the most out of the time.

I felt that I was not only given a clear introductory understanding to Immigration law, but how best we at Asylum Welcome can help detainees- always incredibly useful to know how/what to do to best help people, as told by someone with significant legal experience.

Location was great – plenty of space and very easy to get to, and was really helpful having access to the kitchen for making tea and coffee.

Thank you again, I’m so grateful for these training days, it really does make a difference, and has helped made me feel more confident about my role and how best I can help at Asylum Welcome.”

2) “I thought the talk was very informative, I learnt a lot about the detention system and he gave some extremely informative and detailed examples. Some were quite disturbing and upsetting, but that comes with the nature of the job.Ousman was extremely well spoken and he expressed himself very clearly. Everything was explained very well and there was no legal jargon that we would not understand. He also answered questions as very positively without getting too side tracked.
The organisation was great, the talk could have possibly been a little more organised in the sense that he almost didn’t get through his slides in the time allocated because of questions and the like, but I enjoyed the informal attitude.
Overall it was wonderful and the content was excellent!”

3) “Briefly I thought the training was brilliant – the best one I’ve been to, I rate it 10 out of 10! This was basically due to clarity and enthusiasm of presenter backed up by good powerpoints (right level of information – not too much). I made a lot of notes! Venue, refreshments, etc were fine.”

4) “Thank you so much for organising the training – it was so well done – not just Ousman who was brilliant of course – but the whole organisation – an excellent idea as well to sit at the desk by him I thought – it really helped lend presence and focus to the occasion:)
The fact that the event was so well attended and people I have spoken to so complimentary, speaks volumes – definitely a hugely useful and successful occasion I feel.

It’s a huge credit to you and everyone involved in putting on the training – and so well pitched to the needs of visitors.



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