Success for the Habeas Corpus Project: Nurse Released from Detention

This week we have great news from the Habeas Corpus Project! We are pleased to share that we have helped to secure the release of AB, a 36-year-old woman from Jamaica.

AB came to the UK in 2004 to study nursing. In Jamaica, she left behind of sexual abuse, sexist and homophobic discrimination; fearing return to a life lived in a constant state of threat and insecurity. Most importantly, AB has established a life for herself in the UK, having close ties to her local community and church.

Notably, AB was fully compliant with the Home Office’s reporting procedures and reported back to them weekly as required. Despite this, she was detained and sent to Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre, where she then contacted the Habeas Corpus Project. We asked that her removal be deferred and made a temporary admission request. The Home Office agreed to defer her removal and she was subsequently released. AB is now able to continue the asylum process while her claim is being processed. The Habeas Corpus Project is overjoyed that AB can continue to cultivate a safer life for herself.

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