HCP Squad Gets Salami Released

On Tuesday 25th October 2016 the HCP represented Mr. Salami at a bail hearing at IAC Taylor House, London. Mr. Salami had been in immigration detention for 6 months but had no prospect of being removed from the UK in the foreseeable future.

Mr. Salami had no resources to pay a private lawyer and turned to the HCP for assistance. We prepared a bail application for Mr. Salami, got together all relevant documentation and statement and represented him at the hearing.

The bail application was prepared by Freddy Russell, caseworker for the HCP along with student volunteers. He was represented at court by Ousman Noor. This was a very difficult case with complex issues and a grant of bail was unlikely in the circumstances. However, due to strong preparation and advocacy on the day, we were very happy to see Mr. Salami released on bail.

Mr. Salami told the HCP, our staff and supporters ‘God bless you all, I cannot thank you enough’. Our squad took a group photo outside of Taylor House to celebrate our success.



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